To maintain the District 82 seat of the Iowa House in a special election in Southeast Iowa, a section of the state that Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 57.8% to 36.4%. 


Iowa’s 82nd District found itself in a special election at a point in time when Democrats were still stunned by the results of 2016. In the waning days of the election, the Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) decided to utilize the peer-to-peer texting service Hustle to drive Iowans to the polls. We devised and ran a three-part Hustle program consisting of Ballot Chase, In Person Early Voting, and Election Day reminders. Through these messages, we were able to target specific voters, and get ballots in to ensure voters turned out in support of Phil Miller. These messages consisted of reminders of when and where to drop off Vote by Mail ballots, remind constituents they could still early vote, and remind voters that it was indeed election day and they still had time to vote at their specific polling locations. We were even able to target messaging so that individual voters received the address of their specific polling location.  


Our Hustle program helped to solidify a blowout 55-45 win for Phil Miller in a seat Trump carried by 22-points in an area of Iowa in which 2/3 counties in this district are Obama/Trump counties.