The environment - its uses, its preservation, and the monuments we build in our national parks - is a nearly constant presence in Congressional Legislation. Because of this, environmental groups and looking for cost effective and policy efficient ways to engage the American public in the legislative process and encourage Congress to act in environmentally beneficial ways.


The answer to all of this is patch through programs. These programs are calls in which individual constituents are called and asked to contact their congressperson, in real time, and for free, to express their opinions on a specific issue or piece of legislation. A major policy tactic of The Partnership Project (PPR) and the Climate Action Campaign (CAC), is to utilize patch throughs to influence Congress to protect our environment and public lands. Because of this, we run thousands of patches a week for PPR and CAC legislative goals, cumulating in legislative success for the environment. Our focus in working with PPR and CAC is to help formulate scripting, constituent targeting, and the actual execution of the patch through calls using our vendor partner call centers. We run multiple programs a week and have the capacity to change and modify our patch through programs based on the intel coming out of Congress and which way members are likely to vote.


This has become an invaluable tool for clients like PPR and CAC and as such are our most frequent and most successful call programs. We contact thousands of constituents a day and patch these people to their Members of Congress both in District and in DC. With our patch through calls, The Partnership Project and Climate Action Campaign can keep the environment and the legislation affecting it on the top of voter consciousness.