In November 2016, after a long fight, the Obama administration finalized the Methane and Waste Prevention rule, curbing the venting and flaring of methane on public and tribal lands. In January 2017, the work began to defend the Obama era rule - which had come under threat by Congressional Republicans, poised to use a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to block the BLM’s rule. If they succeeded, Republicans would have prevented any rule limiting methane waste from being put in place - ever again - without an act of Congress.


Beginning in 2017, we launched a 5-month long patch through campaign for The Partnership Project to raise awareness of the actions of Congressional Republicans, drawing attention to the ways methane waste is terrible for taxpayers, public health, and our energy security. We made 100s of thousands of calls to constituents all over the country to get them to call their Senators and encourage them to do the right thing and uphold the Obama era rule and keep our air clean. Over the course of these five months, we coordinated PPR’s multi-step assault on Congressional Republicans as well as their support calls to Democrats and Moderate Republicans as to why keeping the BLM’s rule was vital to the health Western American air.


During a procedural vote on the Senate floor on May 10, 2017 we won and maintained the Obama Administration rule 51-49. Though our patch throughs, and more importantly, the constituents we were able to reach, we able to persuade Senators on both sides of the aisle to keep the BLM’s Methane Waste Rule on the books and help make our air cleaner to breathe.