Sterling District lies within Loudoun County in Northern Virginia with a diverse population—35% Hispanic, 7% African American, and 13% Asian as of the 2010 census.

Contrary to its demographic trends, Republican Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio has represented Sterling District on the Board of Supervisors since 2003, consistently winning by 5 percentage points or more, including winning his 2011 election by 14.6% and surviving a recall effort in 2014.

Eugene Delgaudio, had been called a “conservative firebrand” by the Washington Post and “the most polarizing figure in Loudoun politics” by Loudoun Times. He has a very strong and active base, with supporters coming from around the region to campaign for him every four years and who are particularly activated by ultra socially conservative rhetoric.

After his 2011 reelection, he was investigated by a grand jury for misusing his public office for personal gains, in particular, using county resources to push his personal political agenda. Delgaudio was ultimately acquitted of all charges, but the grand jury report alluded to improprieties that violated the spirit and intent of the laws.


Our goal was to inform the electorate of Delgaudio’s improprieties on the Board of Supervisors and how his dogmatic approach to politics is not in their best interests. Through a series of direct mail, targeted online ads and phone calls to the district we delivered a targeted message to voters about Delgaudio’s grand jury investigation and his breach of the public trust.


Democratic challenger Koran Saines upset four-term incumbent Eugene Delgaudio in the Sterling District, becoming the first African-American elected Supervisor in Loudoun County and ending a 4-year reign of an all-Republican Board.

Saines defeated Delgaudio 51.38% (3,215) to 48% (3,037) outperforming the Democratic candidate for Chairman in Sterling District by 755 votes.