When the Trump administration handled down its travel ban, prohibiting targeted communities of color and religion from entering the United States of America, the ACLU and Indivisible wanted to get ahead of misinformation that would undoubtedly follow.


To do this, we organized and executed a Teletownhall. Teletownhalls are virtual town hall meetings in which thousands of constituents can be reached and engaged with at one time. Indivisible approached us as the announcement of the travel ban was starting to make news and wanted our help to put together an event in which the ACLU and Indivisible would outline exactly what this travel ban meant and who would be affected, and give people a chance to ask any questions they might have. Given the challenges of the current Administration’s relationship to fact and the 24-hour news cycle, we had 20 hours to pull this teletownhall together. Over the course of 20 hours Wildfire worked with Indivisible and the ACLU to generate a list of attendees, clarify the messaging about why the facts of this ban needed to be heard, train members of Indivisible and the ACLU in how to work our platform in order to initiate a question and answer session, and construct the virtual town hall from start to finish, which was executed only hours after the official statement of the travel ban was made by the Administration.


Over 20,000 people were called and invited to this teletownhall, with an unprecedented peak attendance of over 14,000 people staying on the line for the entire 15 min presentation and the 30-min question and answer session after the presentation. This was a large event that managed to bring the truth of the Administration’s actions to thousands of people in very precarious situations and we are proud of the fact that we could set the record straight and hopefully bring people some peace of mind in a very uncertain time.